What to bring to CCW Course

What to bring to CCW Course

This course will be held at our facility, 4050 Durock Rd. Suite 17, Shingle Springs.  Instruction begins promptly at 8am, so come a little early to check-in, have coffee, and get situated.

After lunch, ALL California applicants will be given a multi-choice exam, RENEWAL applicants will receive their certificate after successful completion of the written exam.   NEW CCW applicants will then go to our nearby range to complete safety training and qualification.

After completion of morning class instruction, when CA applicants are released for lunch (around 11:45am), UTAH applicants will remain for about 20 minutes of additional instruction.

Please remember that our range is outdoors and weather conditions vary significantly with the seasons, so here is a list of suggested items to bring:

1.      Handgun (leave in vehicle)

2.      50 cartridges of ammo

3.      Ear & Eye protection

4.      Hat or baseball cap

5.      Folding chair

6.      Hand towel

7.      Mosquito spray

8.      Sturdy shoes

9.      Drinking water

If you have any questions, call the store 530-387-0110.