What to bring to CCW Course

What to bring to CCW Course

WHERE:  This course will begin at our facility, 4050 Durock Rd., Shingle Springs.

WHEN:  Instruction begins promptly at 0800 (8am), so come a little early to check-in, have coffee, and get situated.

BRING:  You must bring ALL handguns you wish to have included on your CCW permit.

El Dorado County has no limit.  Sacramento County allows up to 3 handguns.  Leave all firearms legally secured in vehicles until instructed to bring them into facility.

After completion of morning class instruction

  1. NEW and RENEWAL California CCW applicants are released for lunch
  2. UTAH applicants remain in classroom for about 30 minutes of additional instruction and document preparation.
  3. NEW and RENEWING California CCW applicants will be given a time to reassemble at our range to complete safety training and qualification. Upon arriving at the range, inform the reception desk you are there for Sierra Shield CCW training and you will be directed to the waiting area and/or to Instructor(s).

ALL CALIFORNIA CCW applicants  must qualify with ALL handguns to be on their permit.

Here is a list of suggested items to bring to class and/or range:

  1. Handgun(s) (leave in vehicle until instructed to bring in)
  2. Ammo (for sale at Sierra Shield)
  3. Ear & Eye protection
  4. Hat or baseball cap (optional)
  5. Closed toe shoes
  6. High collar shirt (hot casings down a low cut front BURN)
  7. Drinking water and snacks

Our staff will contact all registered students the day prior to course date to answer any questions you may have.