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Gun Transfers | Fees

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Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, firearm purchasers must possess a FSC (Firearm Safety Certificate) or present a qualifying exemption) to purchase a firearm.  You can obtain the FSC by successfully passing the written FSC test. The test consists of 30 questions; passing scores are 23 answers correct or more. The cost of taking the test is $10; upon passing the test, the FSC card costs $15. Study materials are available online. The test is taken at Sierra Shield facility. The FSC is valid for 5 years from date of issuance.  You can download a FSC Study Guide below in English or Spanish.

fsc-study-guide finalspanishbook-1

Firearms received for transfer at Sierra Shield that have not begun DROS within 10 days after receipt will incur a $5 storage fee each day beginning on the 11th day. 
If an approved DROS has expired due to failure to pick up firearm, then a $5 per day storage fee will begin to accrue 10 days from the DROS expiration date  Once storage fees begin to accrue, firearms will be stored for up to 90 days at at which time will be considered ABANDONED and will become property of Sierra Shield. 
Purchasers requiring additional time to pick up the firearm should call Sierra Shield as soon as possible, but at least before the end of the 90 day storage period to make arrangements for timely pick up of firearm.
Once a Special Order is placed, a cancellation fee equal to 20% of purchase price is NOT REFUNDABLE.
Effective January 1, 2002, firearms sold in California, whether new or used, must include a CA Department of Justice Certified firearm safety device and it must be on the CA DOJ FSD Certified List.  You can check your device here – https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/fsdcertlist.
Many manufacturers ship their handguns with a lock, however, most are  not CA DOJ certified. YES, there is a list for that.  If your firearm does not include an approved lock, you may purchase a lock from us to meet the requirement. You may also purchase a CA DOJ approved lock elsewhere and bring the lock and receipt dated within 30 days with you when you pick up the firearm.
Long Guns
Many manufacturers ship their long guns with a lock, however most are not CA DOJ certified. If your long gun does not include an approved lock, you may purchase a CA DOJ approved lock from us to meet the requirement. You may also purchase a lock elsewhere and bring the lock and receipt dated within 30 days with you when you pick up the firearm.  Qualifying parties may opt to provide an “Affidavit Stating Ownership of a Gun Safe or Lock Box”.


Especially during times like we are currently experiencing, it may be possible you can locate and purchase a California compliant firearm on the internet from various websites such as GUNBROKER, GUNSAMERICA.com, BUDS GUNS and others.  REMEMBER it is NOT the sellers’ responsibility to verify whether or not you can own any specific firearm.  That responsibility lies solely with the BUYER.

At Sierra Shield, we receive similar but not correct versions of California compliant models daily.  We cannot deliver these non-compliant firerms to non-law enforcement persons.  Often the seller will not accept returns or may charge a significant restocking fee plus shipping.  To avoid unnecessary return fees and trouble, call us and verify that you are ordering the correct model for use in California.

Family Transfers – Intrafamilial Transfers

Summary: A child/parent/grandparent may transfer a long gun or an off roster handgun to a child/parent/grandparent who lives in CA and has CA ID. Recipient must have a FSC.
No relationship other than child/parent/grandparent, up or down, meets CA’s definition of  ‘immediate family’.
For the all-CA-resident INTRAFAMILIAL transfer, one need only file the OPLAW form with the current fee.
If the transfer is interstate, Federal law requires the firearm be shipped to a FFL. The OPLAW form is NOT the answer, no matter what the CA-DOJ telephone-answerer or the counter guy at your local sporting goods store may say.
“Interstate” means that the participants in a transfer are residents of different states. Where the gun is currently located is not relevant.
A transfer through an FFL does not also need the OPLAW form.
An interstate intrafamilial transfer through an FFL is exempt from the Handgun Roster.
An interstate intrafamilial transfer through an FFL is not exempt from 1-handgun-in-30-days.
An interstate intrafamilial transfer through an FFL will require a background check, a 10 day wait, a safe-handling demonstration, a lock for a handgun, proof of residence, a Firearm Safety Certificate and a transfer fee determined by the FFL.
An interstate intrafamilial transfer through an FFL is not a California PPT. PPT here stands for Private Party Transfer, and under CA’s implementation in the DROS software, it is available only to buyers/sellers who each have CA ID.