Training Director

Training Director

About Jim Sorensen, Training Director
Charles “JIM” Sorensen, Training Director for Sierra Shield Firearms Training Academy has had a lifelong focus on firearms safety, firearms training and personal defense. 
A graduate of El Dorado High School, Jim is no stranger to foothill life and knows the area and its’ temperament.  As a member of Air Force Security in Vietnam, he developed an affinity for K-9s and he later helped protect strategic nuclear missile site in North Dakota.  He learned critical life saving techniques as a Coast Guard Corpsman and Operating Room technician.  After military service, he has served his community as a Senior Surgical Tech/Equipment Specialist in operating rooms for over 37 years. Jim has served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and On Call Deputy for Sacramento and Sutter Counties for 28 years.  He is a Certified Range Master, is POST Certified and Shoot House Qualified.
Jim is a great source of information on Firearm Training and Safety, having successfully prepared both law enforcement and civilians in the use and care of long guns and handguns.
As a law enforcement officer and an authorized CCW instructor, Jim has been subjected to thorough and frequent background checks.  He uses his extensive experiences, careful preparation and training to insure a safe and enjoyable training experience for all.
Instructors and Training Staff
Shon Bright (shon@sierrashield.com)
Kevin Khouri (kevin@sierrashield.com)
Seth Russell (seth@sierrashield.com)
Sean Russell (sean@sierrashield.com)
Spencer Duffy (spencer@sierrashield.com)