Handgun Proficiency 101

Handgun Proficiency 101

This 5+ hour course focuses on handgun safety and use for beginners to intermediate level shooters.  Areas covered in this course include;

  • nomenclature, identifying firearm and ammunition components
  • proper grip,
  • sight alignment,
  • sight picture,
  • trigger control and trigger reset
  • shooting stance options,
  • clearing malfunctions, FTF/FTE etc.
  • dry fire and live range fire exercises
  • preventative maintenance and cleaning tips

This course has 5 or less students to insure personal attention and a safe environment.

Suggested as a prerequisite for CCW and for those seeking a well rounded handgun training experience.

The goal of this course is to develop responsible,  safe and proficient firearm users. 

Range fees are included.  Students need to bring their personal firearms, ammo, eye and ear protection and a desire to become better shooters.   Leave firearms and ammo secured in your vehicle until directed otherwise by your instructor.  Reserved seating only.