Firearm Storage

Firearm Storage

For various reasons, persons may find themselves needing to have their firearms stored at a location other than their own home, out of their control.

Examples: TRO – temporary restraining order. Anyone can report their neighbor as dangerous or threatening and get a restraining order from the court. The TRO normally requires makes the person restrained a prohibited person. Prohibited persons may not have access to or control of any firearm or ammunition.

Whatever the reason for storing a firearm, Sierra Shield is a full service Federal Firearm Licensee providing storage services and all other FFL services.

The charge for storage is $30 for the first 30 days per firearm.

Days 31 plus are $5 per day per firearm.

BE WARNED! It may take many months to have the TRO removed from your record, meaning storage fees may pile up in excess of the firearm value.

When you come to pick up your firearms, you will be required to pay for and pass a background check.