California Guns

California Guns

What Firearms Can I Purchase New in California?
California is a beautiful state with peculiar firearms laws.  Citizens of the Golden State are severly restricted as to NEW handguns and long guns we may purchase.  Only a small percentage of the NEW handguns produced and sold throughout the rest of the USA are available for purchase in California. 
Can I purchase a USED firearm that is not on the California Roster?
Except for a few named firearms, most firearms, including many not listed on the California roster of approved firearms, can be purchased USED from private sellers who are residents of California.
Use great caution before you buy any NEW firearm and verify that it is allowed in California by checking handguns listed as approved on the California Department of Justice Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.  You can search the Roster by clicking HERE, or you can come into Sierra Shield and we can help you verify that the gun you want to buy is or is not sold new in California.
We stock a large variety of California legal HANDGUNS, LONG GUNS and ACCESSORIES. designed for personal defense  We can special order any item that is available. 
Call (530) 387-0110 about availability and prices.  Stock moves fast.