Ammo Transfers

Ammo Transfers

Ammo Transfer Fee and Handling Fees

Proposition 63 and Senate Bill 1235 create ammunition sale and transfer restrictions for California that will phase in starting January 1, 2018, and be fully implemented by July 1, 2019. Both impose additional requirements on sellers of ammunition in California relating to licensing, employee requirements, storage, and theft/loss reporting.

All sales of ammunition in California must be processed by or through a California licensed firearms dealer or licensed ammunition vendor beginning January 1, 2018.

Sales between two non-licensees must be conducted through a license vendor (similar to California’s firearm private party transfer requirement).

For purposes of these restrictions “ammunition” refers only to the complete cartridge, not components of ammunition and/or blanks. So, reloading components remain unaffected.

While ammunition may still be purchased over the internet, the transfer to the Buyer must be conducted by a licensed vendor.  This means out-of-state sellers of ammunition will be prohibited from sending ammunition directly to non-licensed customers in California.

Buyers ARE liable for sales tax therefore the Buyer must pay the sales tax for the ammunition. Buyer must show the original invoice for the order showing sales tax has been collected, or Sierra Shield will charge sales tax based on current retail pricing.  Sierra Shield is not liable for sales tax on your order.

Per law a vendor may charge no more than $5 Transfer Fee if the purchaser of the ammunition is present for immediate delivery of ammunition.  But, as the purchaser is never present for immediate delivery off the shipper vehicle, Sierra Shield charges a Storage Fee except for face to face private party transfers.

Sierra Shield charges a Transfer Fee and Handling Fees per the following schedule

  1. TRANSFER FEE – $5 per shipment
  2. HANDLING FEE – 10% of vendor invoice total
  3. WAREHOUSING FEE – Purchaser will be notified the day shipment is received. Starting  72 hours after customer notification, a Warehousing Fee of $5/day per parcel will accrue ( A shipment of 2 parcels picked up 2 days after 72 hour notification will accrue a storage fee of $20 (2 days X 2 parcels  X $5).
  4. After 90 calendar days accruing Warehouse Fees, the shipment is forfeited and will become the unencumbered property of Sierra Shield.
  5. Sierra Shield is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of the transferred ammunition while in our possession. Sierra Shield does not warranty or guarantee the condition or reliability of any ammunition transferred.